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Curology Review: Acne to wrinkles, Is it the best option for retinoic acid?

I started using  Curology   at the beginning of summer (2020 mid-Covid 19). I was not able to get tretinoin through my usual means. I took a look around for other options. I had seen ads and some Youtube videos and thought, "Why not?" and so my journey began. As I mentioned before, Curology is  not my first experience using Tretinoin, Retin A, Retinol, or Adapalene type products. I have used these types of products for acne over the years. Once I achieved a certain age, and my hormone production changed, so did my acne. I still have acne breakouts. But not at the level it once was. I try to avoid certain foods that I know will contribute to a pimple, and this is not always possible ( purely by choice ) because I love,  Lays  regular potato chips (also not sponsored). I try to avoid skincare and makeup products with ingredients that may irritate my skin, like fragrance natural or not. Why irritate one's skin more than one has to. Something I wish I had known in my teens an

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