Rare Beauty Makeup: a foundation, blush, and lip balm review

This 52-year-old tried Rare Beauty foundation, blush, and lip balm 
by Selena Gomez. I was excited to try this makeup brand and purchased this product with high hopes. I had heard nothing but rave reviews and appreciate the concept behind her brand. So, for $29.00 I gave it a try.

There are 48 shades. It comes in a glass bottle with a doe-foot applicator. The lid has a round ball on top and makes the bottle easy to opening and holding the doe-foot applicator. I did not notice a scent. I tried spreading the product with my fingers but found it applied best on my skin with a wet sponge. It dried and set quickly, giving my skin a dry and dull look. 

The shade I used was 130N that a Sephora associate helped me pick. It was too light and settled into my pores. My nose, cheeks, and chin had a polka dot effect. I applied bronzer to counteract the light shade of the foundation, but it made the foundation appear worse than before. It settled even more into my fine lines and wrinkles, and my eye area looked worse. I did what I could to improve the appearance of the foundation. I also had some lifting on the bridge of my nose and under-eye area. To make matters even worse, I was running late for work and lacked the time needed to wash it off and start over. I do not recommend using a setting powder. I did that, and it worsened the appearance of the foundation on my face. I ended up using a setting spray to try and help counter the dry look of the foundation.

Start of Day- going to work

Enhanced Wrinkles 
I also purchased for $15.00 the Best of Rare Beauty Lip and Cheek Mini Duo. I dotted the blush onto the face and tried applying it with my fingers but again found it worked best with a beauty sponge. The blush is the color Bliss. It is more of a peachy tone on my skin than pink. It is also a dryer formula like the foundation. The lip balm is moisturizing, and I had the most success with it. The color of the lip balm is Thankful. It is a neutral color and looks more like a brownish nude than a mauve nude on my lips. After finishing the rest of my makeup, I went to work. Within the first hour, my face was itchy and felt very dry, and as the day progress, my skin looked dry and also flaky. It had pulled and separated. I am sure wearing a face mask at work did not help in preserving the appearance of the foundation. However, I had flaking skin on my forehead, temples, and around the eye area. 

End of Day-Yikes 😬
12 hours later

End of day-😞
I had decided before I even left the house for work to exchange the foundation for a darker shade. I had hoped to give it one more try. The Sephora associate was so helpful in trying to find a shade and assessed the sad appearance of it on my face. She was so nice and could tell Rare Beauty was not going to work and suggested trying a moisturizing foundation for my skin. 

Although I discovered Rare Beauty foundation does not work for my dry skin, I think this foundation could be right for someone with oily to combination skin, especially if you are trying to minimize the shine. However, if you have dry skin like mine, be it natural or because you use a product containing Retin A/Tetrinoin or another type of product that causes dryness. You may find this review helpful. 

Sorry to say Rare Beauty is a no-go for me but, it could be the right one for you. 😞