Curology Review: Acne to wrinkles, Is it the best option for retinoic acid?

I started using Curology at the beginning of summer (2020 mid-Covid 19). I was not able to get tretinoin through my usual means. I took a look around for other options. I had seen ads and some Youtube videos and thought, "Why not?" and so my journey began. As I mentioned before, Curology is not my first experience using Tretinoin, Retin A, Retinol, or Adapalene type products. I have used these types of products for acne over the years. Once I achieved a certain age, and my hormone production changed, so did my acne. I still have acne breakouts. But not at the level it once was. I try to avoid certain foods that I know will contribute to a pimple, and this is not always possible (purely by choice) because I love, Lays regular potato chips (also not sponsored). I try to avoid skincare and makeup products with ingredients that may irritate my skin, like fragrance natural or not. Why irritate one's skin more than one has to. Something I wish I had known in my teens and early twenties. 

Have I seen a difference since I started using Curology? I believe I have. The fine lines on my face have improved, and the skin texture appears and feels smoother. I have experienced fewer acne breakouts. I did start with a lower level of tretinoin at .03%. Even though it was a lower dosage than what I had been currently using, it was a great way to transition to using their product with minimal side effects. What type of side effects do I mean? Dry skin, very flaky peeling skin, irritation, burning, and redness. What I like about Curology's formula are the added ingredients, which are niacinamide and azelaic acid. These additional ingredients help with redness, inflammation, and help with acne. Yep, it is true. No, matter how old I get, I am still managing the acne. Argh! 

Now that we are past all of that, on to what I love about Curology

  • The consumer tries it free, for 30 days minus the cost for shipping, and handling, which is currently $4.95 on their website. After 30 days, you decide to continue or not. The subscription I chose is the large bottle for $19.95 a month. The product is shipped every two months. I receive one bottle every two months for $39.90, divided by 2 equals $19.95.
  • Curology creates a formula specific to the user's needs.
  • No in-office doctor visit for a prescription for tretinoin. Answer some questions, take some photos, upload them to their website, and consult with their online Doctor via messaging.
  • It comes in a bottle with a pump, and I don't have to wrestle with a squeeze tube. 
  • They offer a cleanser and moisturizer if that is the package one chooses to subscribe to or continue using the products that you love and order the tretinoin formula created for you.
  • I had no adverse reaction. My skin is doing great. 
  • Changing the formula to fit my needs has been easy and hassle-free. 
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Fragrance-Free which I love

There are other subscription options that I am aware of out there for tretinoin, for those living in an area they provide to, and that is Dermaticaand another is ApostropheThey also mix a formula according to your skincare need. Both are currently unavailable for where I live. However, Curology was the same way until this year (2020), and I believe Dermatica and Apostrophe will eventually make their way to my location. Another option for an at-home no office visit required is MintRxMintRx is, in their words, a Cloud Health Care company offering telemedicine. You can find more information about them in their about section. On their website, you can consult with the online physician by answering a few questions, get a prescription, and order tretinoin by the tube on the website. 

Which option is the best for your money? That is for you to decide. 

If you have not tried retinoic acid before, this will be an experience. Remember to take it slow and allow your skin to adjust. It will take sometime before you see the benefits. I like to moisturize before I apply. and sometimes I mix it in with my moisturizer. Use a good sunscreen. I prefer moisturizing mineral sunscreens. I find them to be less irritating on my skin. 

The Curology formula I am using: Niacinimide 4%, Tretinoin .05%, Azelaic Acid 5%

FYI, this is not a sponsored review. I purchased this product for myself to try. 


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